Are you one of those women who are in love and hate relationship with their high heels? If you have quite a few pairs of adored, must-buy stilettos in your shoe closet, but you dread wearing them because of potential blisters, swollen feet and heel pain, then read on. We feel for you. We really do. That is why we made this list of Italian women shoes for you.

High heels make your legs look longer and your calves perfectly shaped and accentuated. They look glamorous on any garment – from a pair of jeans to a fancy dress. But the choice of which heels to buy and wear is very personal. It depends on the situation that you want to wear them, the length of the time you need to spend in them and how you feel at the moment. At REDA Milano, we have an assortment of carefully and traditionally crafted Italian leather shoes for each and every location and taste. Feel free to browse our heels collection, or choose one of our favorites for your everyday life or special occasion. We’ve got it all covered.

ALIS heel sandals

Alis high heels sandals Reda MilanoThis is pure classic! Every woman needs at least a pair of sandals like these: classical, elegant and dazzling at the same time. Leather soles, black or golden leather fronts, straps and insole. Perfect for evening outs or special occasions.

They come in two colors: black and gold, and are a wonderful addition to your collection of all-time summer shoes. Slightly lower stiletto and firm heel support with an ankle strap makes them sturdy and your leg stable in them, so you can move around freely.

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BLU block high heels sandals

Stable block heels. That is definitely the best choice for special occasions for the special ones not used to wearing high heels every day. Dazzling colors, special texture and ankle strap. Stylish and special, but classically shaped, BLU sandals are a good choice for an occasion where you want to make a statement and show your attitude.

Feel free to wear them when you have to walk longer on bumpy ground. They are sturdy and stable. And amazingly special and beautiful.

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MISA block heel mule

Summer everyday classic. Block heels of mid height. With this choice, your comfort is to priority and stylish classical look is guaranteed. Feminine colors and golden buckle on the side makes them a true must-have for this and all the next summers.

They can be worn on almost anything, but look perfect with light summer dresses of all lengths, especially in their light pink color variation. Uncomfortable high heels are a really a matter of past if you choose this model.

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BONUS: SAKURA Summer boots

Bold color. Extraordinary design. Sky-high heels. Gentle refreshing suede. Leaf pattern. These shoes are so unique that they attract attention everywhere they show up.

One of the flagship models from REDA Milano Spring/Summer 2018 collection. You definitely need to try them on to see how soft and comfy they really are.

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