Given that Summer’s in its zenith, you probably haven’t considered checking out your legs and detect any feet problems that you might have had. Sandals, slippers, mules are taking its toll on our precious feet. Our legs face a variety of conditions that can lead to serious health issues. Ill-fitting shoes, heat & damp are really harsh on our heels and toes. Women also have a tendency to ignore minor problems with their legs until they get too serious (or stinky) to disregard. It’s about time we all learn more about podiatry issues caused by nice weather and bad shoes. So, carefully go through this list of 5 common feet problems and the best ways to tackle them.

Feet problems #1: Painful Blisters

Most of us think of blisters as an agonizing but relatively unavoidable life reality check. The truth is that they shouldn’t be taken for granted. Induced in virtually any situation or any pair of ill-fitting shoes, they are simply and completely avoidable By firmly taking more attention to which shoes we wear and what footwear we choose for any occasion. So make an effort to choose shoes offering both style and comfort, such as REDA Milano Spring Summer 2018 collection is. Even the most amazing shoes aren’t worthy of oozing toes and heels. Our top hint is: choose shoes that you like, but always prefer natural materials, especially on insoles. That helps your feet stay aerated and prevent blisters from showing up. But, of course, there is always a chance to get them, especially on a very hot day and when wearing a brand new pair. In that case, treat blisters by sterilizing the region and, only if necessary, draining the lymph crammed lump with a sterile needle. You can also use an OTC antiseptic to speed up the healing process.

Feet problems #2: Ugly Bunions

Bunions are a common disorder of a big toe joint. They look like a big protrusion at its foundation. Bunions could be caused by joint disease or tight shoes. But one of the biggest roles in bunions formation is your genetics. So, if your mother or aunt or grandma had it, you will probably get it too, sooner or later. For the most severe cases, surgery is really the only way to solve the problem. But most of the people who have them can help themselves by staying away from narrow and too firm shoes that tighten their feet and choose top-quality Italian shoe brands.

Feet problems #3: Itchy Athlete’s Foot

Wet, sweaty conditions and failing to properly dry up feet can result in a yucky skin and nail problem that appears and is definitely upsetting and hard to treat.  Athlete’s foot is directly caused by an infection from a fungus that causes itchiness, irritations, skin peeling, and bad smell. It could usually be cured by over-the-counter fungicides, but it requires a long treatment. Nevertheless, you can prevent it by regularly changing shoes and socks, plus cleaning AND drying legs every time you come from the beach or just street in the summertime.

Feet problems #4: Ingrown Toenail

Have you ever wondered if you cut your toenails properly? Have you ever had to face the pain and fear of ingrown toenail? Evein if your feet hygiene is spotless and you tend to avoid tight socks at summertime /since they can also cause this issue), you can get the ingrown toenail by traumatizing your toes in too short or too narrow shoes. So, choose a shoe that fits properly, enjoy the summertime in your favorite slippers and if the problem doesn’t solve by itself, contact your doctor.

Feet problems #5: Flat Feet or Fallen Arches

If your feet are completely leveled up to the floor you might be suffering from flat feet. The arch of some people’s feet is collapsed. This condition can worsen over years if it was untreated when you were young, or can develop with age, by standing for too long or walking in improper footwear. People who have flat feet may experience pain, or problems with mobility. In case your arches are dropped and that is one of the reasons why you have pain – see your physician or podiatrist for an expert treatment or piece of advice how to handle the situation. Treatments range from custom-made insoles, recommendation to lose weight and in the most severe cases, surgery.

Your have only one pair of feet! They are meant to carry you till the end of your life. So – take care of them and pay attention to them. And that care also includes the joy of wearing beautiful flat leather shoes.