This Summer season brings great news for all women who love flats. Simply because flat shoes are now stylish and chic, more than ever before. You can wear flat Italian women shoes paired with every clothing item and on all occasions. In hot summer walk through city or during a long walks on exotic Thai beachs, while you stay in some of the most luxurious villas on Koh Samui. And you gotta love that!

Your working suit with jacket and stylish evening dress can look equally good in the new models of flat summer shoes. We must admit that the sophisticated impression that was usually connected to stilettos can and should be replaced by stylish and elegant flat shoes.

Whether you are a very tall girl who is scared of being made fun of or just another woman who wants to feel comfy, take a look at some examples of the flats models that every woman should have.

Job Shoes

Flats for work the first item on this list because every woman is eager to find a good fit in as many varieties as possible. For the days when you know that you will surely have a lot of work and walking around the office, choose elegant, flat shoes or closed sandals or peep-toes. Choose the ones that are elegant enoughto be paired with a skirt and jacket or costume suit you usually wear. Make sure they look pretty stylishly when they need to be packed for a business trip and combine them with a lot of different outfit pairings.


Flats with shoelaces

Since last year, a new model of flat shoes has emerged. All women in fashion and style absolutely adore them. Nice, interesting, chic and modern, they can also be very elegant for formal occasions. This shoe model is mainly slightly pointy and, of course, they are flat and have shoelaces to simply tie them. If you wear them in everyday occasions – you are all set to be unique and elegant. With your shoes with laces, you can wear absolutely anything because they are the perfect match that fitsevery imaginable outfit.



Dazzling flats

Flat shoes in bright colors, without any detailing or with various natural patterns are a must-have for this summer. Light blue suede is our color of choice. These models are indispensable when you want to create a simple outfit that is stylish and refreshing. They are enough, even if they wear the most commonly colored pair of jeans and a cotton t-shirt. They simply elevate every fashion combination to a higher level.